Launched in 2012 by Seahawks GM John Schneider, wife Traci, and the Seahawks Women’s Association, Prime Time: A Spirited Celebrity Waiter Event raises money for Ben’s Fund. In partnership with Families for Effective Autism Treatment (FEAT) of Washington, Ben’s Fund provides grants to families in order to help cover costs associated with medical bills, therapies and numerous other aspects of supporting a child, or children, on the autism spectrum.

“We understand this need and the struggles families face first-hand as one of our children was diagnosed with autism seven years ago,” said Seahawks GM John Schneider.  “We are thrilled that FEAT is partnering with us to make “Ben’s Fund” a reality.” 

The intent of establishing “Ben’s Fund” at FEAT of Washington is twofold:  to not only provide grants to families to help them obtain services for their children on the spectrum, but also to drive families to FEAT so they will be connected to a larger community to receive ongoing guidance and assistance as they continue their journey with autism.

The mission of Ben’s Fund is to provide grant opportunities to families in Washington State who need financial assistance with services specifically related to Autism Spectrum Disorder treatments. From therapies to equipment, we want to help support our local families ease some of the financial strain associated with ASD.

About Families for Effective Autism Treatment (FEAT) of Washington

FEAT of Washington is a non-profit organization that strives to reach families with a child or children on the autism spectrum, providing support, guidance and resources for families in the community. For the past 15 years, FEAT WA has been developing, creating and inspiring autism programming for Washington's children solely to achieve one purpose - to help those children reach their full potential. Visit featwa.org to learn more.

Event Details

Prime Time 2014 is a private event for past supporters of Ben’s Fund and Prime Time attendees.  This year's event is sold out. Please click here to donate to Ben's Fund.

Celebrity Waiters Include:

Phillip Adams, Akeem Auguste, Alvin Bailey, Doug Baldwin, Phil Bates, Travis Beckum, Kenneth Boatright, Michael Brooks, Arceto Clark, Tom Cable, Derrick Coleman, Heath Farwell, Clint Gresham, Caylin Hauptmann, Steve Hauschka, Bruce Irvin, Jeron Johnson, Jermaine Kearse, Ricardo Lockette, Chris Matthews, Byron Maxwell, Tony McDaniel, Christine Michael, Zach Miller, Mike Morgan, Russell Okung, Taylor Price, Dan Quinn, Brian Schneider, Greg Scruggs, DeShawn Shead, Jared Smith, Richard Sherman, Jared Smith, Mike Taylor, Max Unger, Bobby Wagner, Bryan Walters, Jesse Williams, Luke Willson, Jim Zorn

Exclusive Live & Silent Auction Items

Adrian Peterson autographed authentic NFL Football

Peyton Manning augtographed authentic NFL Game Football

Matt Ryan autographed Jersey

Jake Locker autographed Helmet

Andrew Luck autographed Jersey

John Elway autographed Football

Seahawks Charter Travel Road Trip

Combine workout led by John Schneider and Seahawks Pro Scouts

VMAC Movie Night with John & Traci Schneider

Wine Tasting Trip to Italy

Prime Time Games


Play a mean game of bean bag toss?
Put your skills (or perhaps a player) to the test!
Challenge a Seahawk Player = 2 Ben Bucks
Hire a Seahawks Player to Play for You = 4 Ben Bucks
Game winner will receive 3 raffle tickets
Loser will receive 1 raffle ticket
Raffle Prize = Seahawks Bean Bag Toss; autographed by Seahawks Players and Coaches!


Toss a ring to win a beverage!
Your ring must fully encircle the bottle. 
No leaning.
Both feet must not cross the toss line.
Play as often as you wish.
Play Beverage Toss = 2 Ben Bucks (3 Rings)
Hire a Seahawks Player to Play for You = 4 Ben Bucks
If you win a bottle, it will be packaged with your
bid number and available for pick-up at check-out.


Show off your “Flick It & Kick It” skills!
Play FIKI Football Against a Player = 2 Ben Bucks
Hire a Seahawks Player to Play for You = 4 Ben Bucks
Win the game and receive a Prime Time “12” Wristband!